P691G – Graduate Student Professional Development Seminar

Week 12 – Giving presentations: teaching personas and stage presence


  • Recognize that when you are giving a talk you are “on-stage”
  • List some characteristics of strong stage presence
  • Practice giving talks



  • Line up in two lines:
    • 30s to explain situation
    • 2 minutes for talk
    • 1:30 for listener to give feedback (only the listener speaks here)
    • 30s for speaker to respond
    • Switch speaker/listener
    • One line moves one person relative to the other
    • Homework:
    • attention to?


  • Thinking about the principles of backward design, what is the biggest take away for you? Write a short paragraph on how you will implement this idea in your teaching AND in research talks. Be sure to include at least two specific things that you will do that are measurable!
  • From today, what are the biggest two presentation skills for you to pay attention to?