In addition to course development, we do a bit of physics education research that supports our work. Currently, we have two main research directions.

One direction looks at the impact of the combination of an IPLS curriculum and the TBL pedagogy on student attitudes and self-efficacy with a particular interest in the response of various subsets of the class.

As part of the Integrated Introductory Life Science Education (I2LSE) mutual mentoring group, we are exploring student perceptions of the connections across disciplines. The number of students quickly gets large so we are investigating using natural language processing to parse these results more efficiently.

Working with us on research

We LOVE having students work with us. However, we will be clear up-front that our funds are exceptionally limited and we, therefore, cannot generally provide financial support. However, several undergraduates and a few graduate students have worked with us on various projects as independent study. In addition to an introduction to physics education, our research experiences typically result in developing data analysis skills in python.

If you are interested in helping out with one of the above research projects, or you believe you have an interesting idea of your own, please reach out!