Website update on educational resources

There has been a significant website update on our educational resources. All the stuff formerly under “Other Projects” has been split into Free and Open Educational Resources and Self-Efficacy and Attitudes Study.

Under Free and Open Educational Resources, you can find out about our work developing free-to-students textbooks for Physics 131 and 132. There is also a library of the 3-D models that are being used in Physics 132 to increase accessibility and provide multiple means of representation.

Have a look! Maybe these can be useful for your own courses!

Introducing a new member – Sam Krishnamurthy

Samyukta Krishnamurthy
Welcome Samyukta Krishnamurthy!

Knowing a subject and being able to effectively teach it to a class are two very different skills. I was always told that teaching was an art, but P691G – Graduate Student Professional Development Seminar course showed me how it could be broken down into a science. I was able to apply some of these scientifically proven techniques in my Physics 132 lab courses and watch the students understand the physics concepts better and become more interactive in class. This inspired me to join the group to contribute to the self-efficacy study. I hope to learn more about the research
methodologies used in Physics Education and understand how some of them impact the students.