Toggerson Awarded Commonwealth-wide award for work on OER

Brokk Toggerson has been awarded 3rd Place (Bronze) / $500 prize from the first-ever Department of Higher Education Open Educational Resources Olympics for his work on the Physics 131: Forces, Energy, Entropy and Physics 132: What is an Electron? What is Light? open-source textbooks. These awards were established to honor the extensive accomplishments of of public higher educators statewide. Winners were selected by a sub-committee of the OER Advisory Coucil. The first and second place winners were from community colleges meaning that Brokk Toggerson was the only awardee from a research university.

Brokk Toggerson contributes to ACUE Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning Micro-credential

Brokk Toggerson was recommended by the UMass Amherst Center for Teaching and Learning to contribute to a micro-credential on Inclusive Teaching for Equitable Learning developed by the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE). Brokk participated in an in-depth interview on a variety of questions. Ultimately, ACUE selected a section on developing effective teams for incorporation into their lesson.

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Toggerson Presenting at Perusall Exchange 2021

Starting May 17th, Brokk Toggerson will have a presentation on the 2021 Perusall Exchange about the use of Perusall in a Graduate Student TA-training & Professional Development Course.

Abstract: Graduate students face several important transitions: becoming a researcher, a teacher, and a colleague. These transitions require specific skills: reading research, giving presentations, and navigating issues of diversity in the workplace. At UMass-Amherst incoming physics Ph.D. students begin developing these skills in a dedicated seminar through the lens of TA training. Students read journal articles about physics education in Perusall: simultaneously honing students’ ability to read research articles and introducing them to teaching best-practices.

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Brokk Toggerson featured in the Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Successes page

Brokk Toggerson’s end-of-semester activities for Physics 132 were profiled in the Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Successes page. What are some ways to conclude your semester and leave students with a lasting and positive impression? As the end of the semester is approaching, plan some meaningful activities to use during your last class session(s) to wrap up the semester strong. Often students struggle to remember even the most important course content that they learned throughout the semester. 

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