Funds for AAPT SM18 and Presenting to UMass Faculty Senate on OER

The UMass College of Natural Sciences has setup a fund for the professional development of lecturer’s within the college. I plan to use these funds to present our work on self-efficacy at AAPT SM18. These funds mean that we will be able help support Jake to also attend to AAPT SM18 and talk about the graduate TA training course.

In addition, I also presented to the UMass faculty senate today on OER given our work on the P131 textbook. There seemed to be some positive feedback from the other faculty. I hope that other faculty on campus take up this charge. OER are something that we can do as faculty to help control costs for students and make materials that are perfectly designed for our courses.


Book finished!

A version of the book is ready to go for this coming semester and can be seen at UMass Phys 131 Textbook. Feedback on the book can be given at We are really excited to use this book for the first time this coming semester! We think that continuous nature of the students’ readings will make it easier for students to navigate and know what they need to read.

Congrats to P131 Award Winners

Two people associated with P131 during the Spring 2016 semester were publicly recognized for their efforts at the 2016 Student Awards:

Zachary Meadows, a graduate TA for P131, was awarded the Quinton Teaching Assistant Award for his excellent work helping students this past semester.

Anwesha Saha, a student in P296 Independent Study of Teaching Methods in P131, was awarded the Morton and Helen Sternheim Award for her interest in physics education.

Congratulations to these two winners!