Finished Physics 132 Textbook!

The custom open textbook Physics 132: What is Light? What is an Electron? was just finished yesterday and is currently being used for Physics 132 this semester! Thanks to Emily Hansen for all of her hard work to help bring this to completion.

This textbook, supported by the W.E.B. du Bois Library’s Open Education Initiative is specifically designed to support Physics 132 and is constructed out of the OpenStax College Physics text as well as some custom content. The structure of the book matches the structure of the course and contains course-specific “Instructor’s Notes” to help students focus on the important information they need to gain as part of their preparation.

The book is also designed to have multiple points of contact with the content. Some sections are purely reading while others are presented as both video with transcript that the students can read.

Here we go, and let’s see how this is reviewed!