Congrats to P131 Award Winners

Two people associated with P131 during the Spring 2016 semester were publicly recognized for their efforts at the 2016 Student Awards:

Zachary Meadows, a graduate TA for P131, was awarded the Quinton Teaching Assistant Award for his excellent work helping students this past semester.

Anwesha Saha, a student in P296 Independent Study of Teaching Methods in P131, was awarded the Morton and Helen Sternheim Award for her interest in physics education.

Congratulations to these two winners!

P131 Participating In Inaugural Open Classrom Days

This year, the UMass Institute for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development (TEFD) is hosting an open classroom days where faculty can visit their colleagues’ classrooms to get inspiration and other ideas. Toggerson’s P131 sections will be participating in this activity. For more information, visit Classroom Days Program.pdf